Research Interests


Political Economy of Digital Capitalism

How does politics shape the course and character of digitalization?

Ideas and Politics

How do ideas become effective forces in history?

Europe in a Digital World

How do we explain the EU’s digital policies, and how they affect member states as well as the world at large?

Text as Data

How can measure text in meaningful ways?

Analytic Eclecticism, Nested Analysis

How can be combine different analytical strategies and/or types of evidence in ways that are more than additive?

Emergence, Reductionism, Pragmatism?

What is the relationship between the social sciences and the psychological and biological sciences?

Social Science and Social Criticism?

Can, should, must social science be critical of society?

The Moral Embeddedness of Economic Action

Which role does morality play in economic life?

German Foreign Policy

What are the interests and ideas driving Germany’s foreign policy, both in Europe and beyond?