About me

I┬┤m a post-doc (Universit├Ątsassistent) at the University of Vienna’s Centre for European Integration Research (EIF). I hold a PhD from the European University Institute with a thesis on the comparative political economy of digital capitalism. In my research, I look at how ideas and institutions as well as politics and power shape the digital transformation of economies and societies, with a particular focus on the role of the European Union.

Check out my CV to find out more about me and my work. If you’re still interested, I write in more detail about my research interests here. You can also browse my publications and look at accompanying materials such as appendices, data, slides, or interviews here. I also publish the syllabi (and slides) of courses I teach, you can find them here. Lastly, I recently started reviewing books on tech and politics, take a look here. And if you want to stay or get in touch, just follow me on Twitter or drop me an email at timo.seidl@univie.ac.at.

Bismarck once quipped that his passions resemble the trout in his pond: one eats up the other until all that remains is one fat old trout. Thus has his passionate love for politics devoured all his other passions. To make sure it won’t come to that, I am careful to carve out space for the smaller, non-academic trout in my pond: the passion for the mountains, the daily thinking stroll, the bar or board game evenings, and, more recently, generative aRt in R.